You’ve found my homepage! I’m a physicist by training and I like to apply my physics skills to interesting problems.

My recent research has been in applying techniques from astrophysics, remote sensing and climate science to help monitor and conserve endangered animals. Using thermal infrared cameras mounted on drones (unmanned areal vehicles – UAVs) we can observe animals and poachers anywhere in the world, day or night. Analytical techniques from astrophysics allow us to automatically identify and track animals in our footage, and understanding climate change helps us to protect vulnerable species for the future.

I also do research into changes in weather patterns and extreme weather events, and trying to figure out if these changes in are the result of man-made global warming.

I formerly worked in astrophysics, studying how the most massive galaxies in the Universe formed and evolved.

You can read about my  work in the Research section.

Check out my publications and outreach stuff too.


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